Our Mission

Health Alchemy Kitchen is a collaboration between Health Alchemy Nutritional Service and For Life! Personal Chef service. Our intention is to provide the community with the highest quality nutrient dense cuisine using locally sourced products. We look to the seasons, the teachings of the old nutritional masters,Weston A. Price, Bernard Jensen, and Royal Lee among others, Herbal Wisdom, and our own extensive study of nutrition to bring you food that will help heal you.

Traditional wisdom advises us to eat a diet of local, fresh, organic, and seasonal food including lots of vegetables and fruit, raw forms of dairy products, eggs and meats from animals raised in a pasture with access to fresh air, grass, and a natural diet. Fermented vegetables and beverages are encouraged. This diet flies in the face of the Standard American Diet and actively encourages people to eat animal fat ( from good sources) in the form of butter, lard, and tallow, as well as oils such as coconut oil, flax, and hemp oils, and high quality olive oil.


Chef Charity Dasenbrock has many years of experience cooking a wide variety of cuisines from many cultures and has been a personal chef since 2005. She has a broad knowledge of nutrition, currently specializing in bringing traditional ideas of nutrition into the modern world. She delights in providing people with delicious food. She puts her whole heart and soul into her food, imbuing it with love and joy that will undoubtedly make you feel better.

Craig Lane of Health Alchemy Nutritional Services has been a qualified nutritionist, body worker, and herbalist for most of his adult life. His work is based on nutritional alchemy, which is the use of energies, and chemical elements that appear in nature, our bodies and food/herbs . He acts as an advisor for the menus, provides some original recipes, lots of nutritional information, and is a frequent taste tester. The idea of the Kitchen came from his vision to provide more service for his clients.

Skot Colacicco  is a valuable member of the Kitchen team. He has a broad knowledge base of  food science, much experience with fermentation and brewing, computer and social media skills. He is responsible for the beautiful menu newsletters, updating our social media presence, the behind the scenes marketing and managing some of the business end of things. He is a happy taste tester and has some mad knife skills which have come in handy a time or two when the kitchen gets busy!